The End of the World: Seriously, this time.

Oh hey blog, it’s been awhile. Nice to see you again.

So Harold Camping was wrong. I hope you weren’t surprised.

Interestingly enough, May 21st happens to be an important historical date. While perusing the good ole Yahoo! News, I came across a beautiful slideshow from Life magazine of photos of nuclear weapons tests. Turns out that 55 years ago, on May 21st, the US dropped the first airborne hydrogen bomb on the Bikini atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

Click here for the full slideshow.

As it turns out, there is a group of lunatics who are actively maintaining a stockpile of nuclear weapons, who have proven themselves crazy enough to use them and who sacrifice other, socially beneficial causes in order to sustain the ‘deterrent’, while most of their populace stands silent and watches, with no comment whatsoever. This would be the US.

I’m glad the world didn’t end yesterday. I’d like to take at least a small part in making sure the world doesn’t end anytime soon. If you’re a Christian, don’t you think Jesus has something to say about this?

Here’s a great clip from Ben (of Ben and Jerry’s) that lays out the US nuclear arsenal.

And here’s a group that’s trying to do something about it. Join today! Uncle Sam wants YOU to help abolish nuclear weapons!


~ by Joe Paparone on May 22, 2011.

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