Big Tent Tweets

Last week I attended Big Tent Christianity in Phoenix. I’m still processing some things, but I noticed that all of my tweets and retweets didn’t make it over to facebook. Since I have a lot more facebook friends than twitter followers, I thought I’d compile my tweets here so that facebookers could see the things I felt were interesting enough to share. I’ll post some further thoughts on the conference in the next day or so.


@markscandarette – we start to see the power of the gospel when we connect the words to the nitty gritty of our daily lives. #bigtentx

“We need to create ‘sleeper cells.'” -@MarkScandrette#bigtentx

B. McLaren-What if we understand Jesus through his ancestors instead of his descendants? #bigtentx

Tension for pastors: “we’re all doing advertising for a way of life that none of us are living.” -@MarkScandrette #bigtentx

Growing up, @markscandrette heard Borg’s name as a profanity!#bigtentx

Western rationalism has lost understanding of myth, “stories that are not true in particular, but entirely true in general.” Rohr #bigtentx

If you’re a manipulative, controlling person every day, how will that change when you open the bible?  Rohr #bigtentx

“I’m trying to not be a fundamentalist anymore–the left or right. It lacks 2 things that I really need in life: joy & humility.” #bigtentx

“I almost always start @ f*ck you but I almost never stay there” NBW #bigtentx

My conversion is always in the encounter with the other. @sarcasticluther (Nadia Bolz-Weber). #bigtentx

the word ‘christian’ when describing anything other than human beings is a marketing term. – @derekwebb

We can’t love our enemies if we’re not talking to them.#bigtentx

“I think young people and the non-religious have a really good handle on the mythic in our culture.” -@sp140 #bigtentx

Those in power in mainlines need to give it away to millennials, if they want to save their denominations. -@sarcasticluther #bigtentx

RT @eliacin: Favorite speakers at #bigtentx are @bda416 & @sarcasticluther – their words r wise, but it is their character & spirit that I most respect. // Right on.

RT @derekwebb “mostly you can only understand people who are at your same level of stupidity.” richard rohr#bigtentx

“Community doesn’t mean signing on to support somebody else’s B.S.” -@sarcasticluther #bigtentx

“Don’t engineer your own egocentric suicide or else the ego will have just taken on a deeper disguise.” -Richard Rohr #bigtentx

Wish I had a Mcluhan once a day quote calender. #bigtentx#deepwater

RT @mattrundio: “Weakness is the only legitimate power the church can exercise” – @sp140 #bigtentx


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~ by Joe Paparone on February 15, 2011.

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